About me

satish-nandyala-2016My name is Dr.Satish Nandyala. My training consists of  medical school at Osmania Medical college, India followed by Internal Medicine residency at Montefiore medical center, NewYork and a Critical Care fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland.  

Goal of this Blog: One of the biggest gains of training at premier institutions is to understand how valuable evidence is in the practice of critical care.We see a lot of dogma in the practice of critical care, traditionally established on personal and practical experiences. Practice of medicine based on personal beliefs and experiences always provides inferior outcomes than evidence based care. Also, most of the care in ICU seems to be reactive rather than being proactive.

One of the best ways that i learned is by constantly challenging everything that you see and hear. If something doesn't make sense, try to figure out why it doesn't. If something makes sense, still try to figure out why it makes sense. Then, follow it up with constant literature search.  I also learned a lot from following numerous blogs where i get to hear different perspectives and simulate critical thinking.

Most of the content in this blog is my own written notes, that has been collected from various journals, blogs and teachers in the process of self-directed learning. I don't even remember where i collected some of this information from. I never intended to distribute this information. However, i benefitted a lot from reading various open source blogs. Hence, i decided to share information so atleast a few can benefit. 
This blog doesn't provide comprehensive information about any topic. We already have many resources like UptoDate to provide the same. The purpose of this blog is to provide an concise review of the most common ICU problems in an evidence based manner.  It's also strongly recommended to read the entire articles listed throughout each article. I hope this blog will help stimulate critical thinking, free exchange of ideas, and constructive criticism as we collectively strive to care for critically ill patients .  The blog also provides easy access to all the Nurses , Residents, Fellows and Hospitalists to provide limited but free education. If i don’t have enough time for discussion on rounds, the blog may explain the rationale behind the way i do things. 
Disclaimer: I have no conflicts of interest.  This blog is for information purpose only and not for medical advice for your patients. This blog also portrays my experiences & interpretations, as a physician at a personal level. 
The author also make no claims of the accuracy of the information contained herein; and these suggested guidelines are not a substitute for clinical judgment. Neither me nor any other party involved in the preparation of the articles in this blog shall be liable for any special, consequential, or exemplary damages resulting in whole or part from any user’s use of or reliance upon this material. 
This site is being updated continuously. Some of the contents in this blog are also taken from public websites. If you read something I've published on this site and you discover that it is taken from a website without giving credit to that site, please write to me so I can make the necessary changes. Some of the content might have been from a personal blog and might have crept into my notes. Any infringement here is unintentional, and I recognise that all of my content is the product of somebody else's research, efforts and intelligence. I just gathetered information and presented in my blog. I take no credit for their work. 
Contact me: If any one wants to contribute to this blog, please contact me at pocketicu@hotmail.com . I am open to suggestions from anyone and everyone. The focus is on evidence based practice rather than practice based on hearsay.
Caution: This blog is not a replacement to ask for sub specialist consultation. There are many nuances in the critical care as well as many other sub specialities and they may not be very apparent to everyone. When you have help, ask for help and save yourself from malpractice. 
Acknowledgement: I take this opportunity to thank the numerous patients that i had privilege of working with and thereby learning in the process. I am also immensely thankful to all the teachers who helped me learn medicine. 

PS: BELIEFS AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES DO NOT TRUMP EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE. Any patient could die "inspite" of us providing the best care but no patient should die "because" of us providing care that we think is the best.